I Help Ambitious Women Retire Their Superwoman Cape & Prioritize Their Self-care!  

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I Am Toni Louis


Psychotherapist & Self-Care Strategist!



I Help Ambitious Women Experience Real Joy In Their Life & Relationships Without Compromising Their Self-Care.






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One on One


​Experience personal growth in mindset, emotion management,self-care and relationship care.

The Self-care Experience is a platform designed to help women and couples explore various parts of themselves that keep them stuck and dissatisfied within their life & relationships.

I provide the tools you need to break negative cycles, increase confidence and attract the life & love that you desire. 



Programs Include:


1. Accelerate Your Growth-6 Month Coaching Program

2. Time For Me-VIP Day Experience

3. Time For Us-Couple's VIP Day Experience


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Individual Therapy








I approach therapy from a Holistic perspective which targets total wellness (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual)

My goal is to help you heal from painful experiences and develop natural, effective ways to cope with current stressors that are disrupting your ability to show up as your best.

When clients work with me they are able to unpack past/current pain points and experiences, understand  their triggers and develop more healthy ways to cope and increase overall balance.


Specialities include:


1. Anxiety

2. Challenging Life Transitions 3.Relationship Hurt


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Toni Louis is a Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist & Self-care Strategist who helps clients achieve a level of mental and emotional wellness they didn’t know was possible—until meeting her. A true phenomenon in her field, Toni is completely redefining the way her clients heal using her natural, integrative techniques and formulas to align their mental, spiritual, social and physical well-being.


With a career that spans more than a decade, Toni has treated hundreds, successfully eliminating symptoms stemming from emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression, as well as relationship struggles within the family, romantic partnership and other significant relationships.


Revered for her heart-to-heart approach, Toni connects with people in a way that allows them to completely open up, first to her and then to themselves.

During her clinical residency, Toni honed her expertise in every area of psychology, from child and adolescent trauma to adult addictions. As she met more and more clients who were struggling emotionally, she began to explore alternative treatments. Determined to prove that optimal mental wellness was achievable without medicine, she set out to open her own private practice. 


Now bringing the full breadth of her background to every experience, Toni develops personalized prescriptions to treat your mind, body and soul. Blending techniques that include talk therapy, coaching, spirituality, assessments, relationship education, various tools and resources she teaches clients how to manage their mind and actions so their emotions will follow.

Soon, their symptoms are alleviated as a result of mastering self-control, self-care and self-love.


Called to move people from burdened to balanced, Toni’s revolutionary work and research reaches far beyond her Tennessee-based practice. She is also transforming lives across the country through her virtual coaching, VIP Day Intensives & wellness workshops.

Toni gave me real life tools to help me lift the emotional weights and insecurities. These tools have stayed with me and I now have the skills to deal with stressors and manage my life better.








Mia S.

Female, 42

I found myself again! I have gotten back enjoying my job, my co-workers, and my friends. I am processing my feelings in a healthy way. I have forgiven myself of my past mistakes and errors. I recognize how to build boundaries. I have skills to deal with extreme thoughts. I know and understand how to ground myself when needed. Thanks Toni!








Jasmine D.

Female, 28










Jerrica W.

Female, 34

After meeting with Toni I knew it was a great fit because not only would she help me with current issues but she would provide me with tools to help me navigate difficult situations in the future.  I am now able to process and work through situations on my own which creates less anxiety and gives me a better quality of life. 











Shakita C.

Female, 36

The information that was provided to me during our sessions not only resonated in the moment but were also being supported by things that were occurring in my day to day life. Through reflection I was able to make the connection between what Toni was teaching me theoretically and apply it practically on my own. I was often excited to have our next session so that I could share with Toni how spiritually synchronistic the experience had been since our last session. 

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  • info@tonilouiscom

  • (901) 502-2007


Innovative counseling and coaching services for the ambitious woman and the pursuing couple. 

Live and Love 

The Self-Care Experience

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