I Help Women Step Into The Best Version Of Themselves And Experience Real Joy In Their Life And Relationships

Let's face it!


As busy women, juggling life, career and relationships can be challenging and can often make us feel drained, lost or stuck. 

Do you often feel drained, dissatisfied or disconnected from who you are or within your relationships?

Do you often compromise your own desires in order to satisfy the needs and feelings of others?


You might even feel misunderstood, unseen and unappreciated by others.


Let's Work On You!


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Three ways to work with me


Individual Therapy that focuses on  helping you achieve total wellness

 Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.


My goal is to help you heal from painful experiences and develop natural, effective ways to cope with current stressors that are disrupting your ability to show up as your best.


When clients work with me they are able to process through current struggles, understand more about themselves and their triggers, develop more healthy ways to cope and increase overall balance.


1. Anxiety

2. Challenging Life Transitions 3.Relationship Hurt


Therapy services are available to all residents of Tennessee.

Life Coaching

As a Certified Enneagram Coach I move clients through an accelerated process that will 

Transform the way you show up for yourself and your relationships!


Could you use a Self-Care upgrade?


When working with me I will help you develop a personalized self-care plan designed for your unique lifestyle


Are you ready to break unhealthy

cycles that leave you disappointed stressed out and dissatisfied?


Three Phases:

1. Discover

2. Expand










With the use of essential oils, hydrosols and other organics I will prepare a customized product blend to accommodate your individual needs specifically for emotion regulation and balance, relaxation and aesthetic purposes.


Customized blends may provide support for Pain Management, Sleep Quality, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Headaches & Migraines, Fight Against Bacteria, Infection,Viruses, and so much more!


Free 15 Minute Consultation


Examine your needs

Create your product

Heal your body







Aromacabinet™ is my personal aromatherapy collection. Providing single therapeutic essential oils, blends and handcrafted products intended to  support women's health from the inside out.





Women's Group

REAL Women

Discussing REAL Issues

 Developing REAL Connections






Toni Louis is a Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist, Certified Enneagram/Transformational Coach & Aromatherapist who helps women achieve a level of mental and emotional wellness they didn’t know was possible—until meeting her. A true phenomenon in her field, Toni is completely redefining the way her patients and clients heal using her natural, integrative techniques to align their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.


With a career that spans more than a decade, Toni has treated hundreds, successfully eliminating symptoms stemming from emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression, as well as relationship struggles within the family, romantic partnership and other significant relationships.


 Revered for her heart-to-heart approach, Toni connects with people in a way that allows them to completely open up, first to her and then to themselves.

During her clinical residency, Toni honed her expertise in every area of psychology, from child and adolescent trauma to adult addictions. As she met more and more patients who were struggling emotionally, she began to explore alternative treatments. Determined to prove that optimal mental wellness was achievable without medicine, she set out to open her own private practice.


Now bringing the full breadth of her background to every experience, Toni develops personalized prescriptions to treat your mind, body and soul. Blending techniques that include talk therapy, coaching, aromatherapy, exercise and mindfulness education, she teaches clients how to manage their minds and bodies so their emotions will follow.

Soon, their symptoms are alleviated as a result of mastering self-control, self-care and self-love.


Called to move people from burdened to balanced, Toni’s revolutionary work and research reaches far beyond her Tennessee-based practice. She is also transforming lives across the country through her virtual coaching, VIP, in-person wellness intensives and workshops.


Toni gave me real life tools to help me lift the emotional weights and insecurities. These tools have stayed with me and I now have the skills to deal with stressors and manage my life better.

42 Female, real client-confidential

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Innovative counseling and coaching services here to help you better manage your life, emotions and relationships!  

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